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Windows Data
Terminal Emulation
File Transfer
ActiveX Scripting


May be downloaded, used and redistributed at no cost. See licensing details for more information.

Async and TCP/IP

Full support for TCP/IP (Telnet) and Asynchronous (Modem) connectivity.


Kermit for Windows is small, fast and provides a full featured implemenation of the protocol.

Native WIN16 or WIN32

Kermit for Windows is provided in both a WIN16 and WIN32 version. It is thereby optimized for each platform.

Terminal Emulation

Complete and accurate DEC VT-102 terminal emulation. Virtually perfect performance on vttest test program.

File Transfer

Implements Kermit file transfer protocol. Supports all high-performance extensions.

ActiveX Scripting

Provides Windows standard scripting via MS ActiveX VBScript (no need to learn another proprietary scripting language). Will soon support other ActiveX scripting engines such as JScript.

Welcome to the home page for Kermit for Windows. Take a look at What's New. If you have a straightforward question, check out the support page for common questions and answers.

Kermit for Windows is a communications program for all variants of MS Windows and has been tested on:

  • MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • MS Windows 95 (OSR2)
  • MS Windows NT 4.0

Kermit for Windows is freeware. You may freely download and use this software as long as you do not charge for its use or distribution. However, it is copyrighted and may not be modified or sold without written permission from the author. Upon request, I will usually permit the software to be distributed by shareware vendors on CD-ROM as long as the cost of the CD-ROM is minimal. Send mail if you are not sure if an intended use is acceptable.

NOTICE: Due to the financial constraints of the project, this web site is hosted via a relatively slow 28.8Kbps dedicated modem link. So, please be patient with our performance; this is all I can afford for a free software product. Actually, performance seems pretty reasonable unless there are multiple users performing concurrent downloads.

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