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Please understand that Kermit for Windows is being developed solely in my spare time and I do the best I can to enhance and deliver new versions in a timely manner. Unfortunately, I still need to suppport myself and my family through a demanding and time consuming real job. This means I can typically only devote a few hours per week to this project. As such all schedule information is very approximate.

Version 0.85 Prerelease Build 8

This prerelease has been held up a ridiculously long time because I keep changing my mind about how to implement scripting. I have finally settled on ActiveX scripting and it is working in the lab! This release will fully support ActiveX scripting (VBScript and JScript!) but will only provide the absolute minimum Kermit extensions to provide automated login scripting (send, pause, waitfor, etc.). I am now working on the finishing touches (mostly help and documentation) and hope to make this available for download from this site about October 1st.

Version 0.85 Prerelease Build 9

I intend to complete the scripting extensions support in this prerelease. Since this will require changes to many components to provide thorough scripting support, I expect this will take about 3 months. So this prerelease should be available about January 1st.

Version 0.85 Final Release

Add a couple months for thorough testing, and I should be able to release the real version 0.85! This should happen about March 1st, 1997.

Version 0.90

I am not ready to even speculate on the timeframes for this release. However, I intend to integrate additional file transfer protocols. Specifically X/Y/ZModem. This is long overdue and I may even reconsider the name of the application at this point. Stay tuned for more info.

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